Few auto repair shops have the equipment, experience, or training to meet the demands of servicing and restoring rare and exotic cars like Treasured Motorcars.

With proper care, every car can endure and be enjoyed for decades, but time and neglect will take a toll on even the finest machine.

At Treasured Motorcar Services, preserving classic, historic and vintage automobiles is our driving passion.

Car restoration is a thorough, detailed process that can take months or even years to complete.

We understand how important your car is to you and we want to ensure you’re going to be able to drive it like it was meant to be driven, for many years to come.

40 YEARS OF EXPERIENCETreasured Motorcars

Has been restoring vintage cars and trucks to pristine condition for over 40 years. Whether it’s a small repair job, minor renovation or a complete restoration, we have skilled technicians that are eager to get their hands dirty and go above and beyond to return your aging classic to as-new perfection.

When we receive a car for restoration, we inspect it from top to bottom, inside and out. We look into every nook and cranny to see what needs to be restored or what can be refreshed and reused. We research the individual history and specifications of the vehicle to establish a clear goal for the project. And a master plan is drawn up to ensure that every step from disassembly to final polish is completed in the proper manner and sequence, that the correct parts are sourced or fabricated, and the entire project is done to our high standards.

Our team is built from car enthusiasts with a passion for all things mechanical and decades of experience.
For every car that enters our shop, our technicians are eager to jump in and see that project through to the end. With ASE certifications and multiple manufacturer certifications, our technicians are more than qualified to bring your treasured car back to life.

With a large group of dedicated professionals devoted to the work we do, it’s no wonder we are the premier vehicle restoration facility in the Mid-Atlantic region.